About Clark, Oxendine & Sauls

In 2009, Jarrod Oxendine and Trey Sauls formed Oxendine & Sauls to combine their unique skills, backgrounds and experience. In 2014, former trial judge Michael Clark joined the team and the firm name was changed to Clark, Oxendine & Sauls.

This unique partnership broadens the range of dependable and effective representation that the lawyers offer to families and individuals in need of a full-service law firm, handling complex high-stakes litigation cases.

Our Commitment to You

At Clark, Oxendine & Sauls, your case has our complete focus and attention. Each and every client can expect unmatched energy, open communication, thorough investigation, expert analysis, and a full explanation of your options from our experienced attorneys. We follow that up with unmatched preparation and a passion to fight for you in the courtroom. While every case is unique, our commitment remains the same – We fight harder for our clients’ rights.

We bring clarity to your legal situation through our knowledge and resources that would expect to find in a larger, more expensive firm and combine it with unmatched professionalism and service.

What Makes Us Different?

We’re not afraid of legal challenges and we take cases other lawyers might refuse. We’re tenacious, with years of experience and a proven track record. If you’re in a legal fight, you want Clark, Oxendine & Sauls in your corner.